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sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

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It's an honor bring for our readers an interview with Illnath! The band was formed on year 2000 in Denmark and released their debut in 2003, "Cast Into The Fields Of Evil Pleasure". Through the years, the band had a lot of line-up changes, being the most significant when singer Narrenschiff was substituted by a woman named Mona Beck. In 2011, they release the first record with Mona on vocals, "Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness", bringing a more brutal sound to Illnath music. In march this year, the fourth record was released, "4 Shades Of Me", an album much more straight and agressive, definitely a mark in their carreer.
But right after the album came out, Mona decided to leave the band. On last sunday, May 26th, Illnath presented to the world their new singer: Marika Hyldmar. So far, the re-recorded version of "Crows" is the only sample of Marika's vocal potency in Illnath. It was enough for us to know that she is, by far, the most brutal and agressive singer this band ever had.
ALL THAT METAL had a chat with Peter 'Pete' Falk (guitar), the only remaining member since the formation of Illnath, that told us about this new fase in their carreer, the writing process of the new album and the possibility of a South American tour. Marika also talked with us about her reception in the band and the excitement of getting on stage with the band. Illnath also counts with Kenneth Frandsen (bass guitar) and Dennis Stockmarr (drums).
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ALL THAT METAL: Hey guys, how are you doing? I guess the band is a doing a lot of rehearsals with Marika right now. How is it going so far?
PETER 'PETE' FALK: Hey, yes we are doing a lot of rehearsals, and working on our first live show with Marika, everything seems cool and we are very excited and can't wait to tour again! Marika is very cool and professional, and we have a very good vibe in the band at the moment!

ATM: "4 Shades Of Me" is the most brutal Illnath record to date, a step foward from 'Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness'. This approach came naturally or did the band felt it was necessary?
PETE: We talked about doing something more raw, unpolished and more straight. Not so many details and just play what we felt like. We started jamming some riffs and arranged all the songs at the rehearsals together. New members are giving new inputs, and that's maybe what happened.

ATM: How it was the process of writing and recording the album?
PETE: It was a very cool process. We wrote all the songs in 3 months, and entered the studio for 2,5 weeks and then we travelled all the way to Poland to do vocals, mix and mastering at Hertz Studio [Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated].

ATM: Illnath usually took a few years to release a new record, but now you're back in less than 2 years. Can we say the band is top a priority for everyone envolved now?
PETE: The reason why it took so long in the old days, was because of bad situations with labels, members and money. Now we are signed to Pitch Black Records (CYP) and all seems very pro at that label. We have a very close relation with the head manager and things are more easy to do now!

ATM: It's early to say, but I guess the heavier sound Illnath is doing will continue with Marika agressive vocal. That was some kind of request when the band was searching for a new singer?
PETE: Of course we wanted a heavy and brutal singer, but the most important for us was to find a dedicated vocalist. I still don't know what direction Illnath will take with Marika, but we will be a metal band, that's for sure!

ATM: Any possibility of songs like "Frozen Constellations" and "By The Hands Of Violent Winter" get back to the set list?
PETE: We can't promise anything about the set-list. maybe we will do some of the older songs again, but right now we have to present the new album.

ATM: Few time ago you asked on your facebook page about how many people would like to see Illnath in South America. Any chances of Illnath play in Brazil on a near future?
PETE: We are currently talking to a booking agency about it, but so far I can't say anything for sure. But we hope that we can tour outside Europe soon.

ATM: Thank you so much for the attention guys. Please leave a message for your fans worldwide!
PETE: We appreciate all your support and we know that you guys have been through a lot of different members the last 10 years in Illnath. Thanks for still believing, supporting and rockin'.

And now, it's time for Marika speak...

ATM: Marika, please tell us more about your carreer as a singer. How do you started until you got here?
MARIKA HYLDMAR: I am not sure when I began, but I just started out by practising at home without the guts to show it to anyone, untill I screamed to a song in a drunken haze, some friends of mine told me to to something about it. So I started looking for a band, this is about a year ago. I am still in the band we started back then, we play black metal with occasional thrash vibes. Unfortunately this process is slow since we havn't been able to find a steady drummer just yet. But we would like to have an EP ready as soon as possible.

ATM: You said you're an old fan of Illnath. How you was introduced to their records?
MARIKA: I can't remember how exactly, but I think I must have been around 14 years old when I was introduced to Illnath, back then I was particularly fond of the Second Skin Of Harlequin record, that might have something to do with the fact it was the first album I ever heard with Illnath.

ATM: We already know you want to bring some of the older black metal vibes to the band. Are you looking foward to play some old Illnath tunes live?
MARIKA: Oh yes! I am very fond of tremolo riffing and shrieking vocals, that is where I feel most at home. So the older songs will be especially fun to play, also for nostalgic reasons. I already have a personal favorite to play, and that is Zetite, even though admittedly it lies in the more challenging spectre of Illnath songs to perform, I cannot help but getting hyped everytime we play it! That being said, the newest album ”4 Shades Of Me” also consists of some pretty awesome tracks, and I dont feel like any of the tracks on the setlist will leave me unsatisfied, that's for sure.

ATM: People recognize nowadays that harsh vocal requires some good technique and is not just screaming. Do you have some kind of special care or practice? Or is much based on instinct?
MARIKA: I've tried to explain how I do it to others before, but to be honest I dont think I have ever known what I was doing, it just came naturally to me. Luckily for me it seems like I've always used my stomach for power, instead of forcing it through the throat. I have of course used a lot of time perfecting what I can do, and try out different techniques, I am under the impression that there always will be room for improvement, so that is what I strive to do. I just remind myself to drink alot of water, or maybe some tea, if it has been too long since my last practice.

ATM: Thanks for your time, Marika! You're definitely the most brutal singer this band ever had. So please, leave a brutal message for us.
MARIKA: I would like to say that I am gonna crush your bones and torch villages, churches, and babies and rape your wives, cows, dolphins, old sewing machines and other peculiar belongings.. but in truth I would really just like to own a puppy. Seriously though, I am truly honored by the positive response upon my arrival in Illnath, especially since I am a great admirer of Narrenschiff myself. And I will try my very best to live up to Illnaths legacy, and deliver worthy vocal and stage performances in the future!

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