Interview: Simon Berglund (ZONARIA)

quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

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by Caio Botrel

ATM had a chat with Simon Berglund, guitarrist/singer of the Swedish band Zonaria. Berglund talked about the band's carreer and details about "Arrival Of The Red Sun", released in 2012 via Listenable Records. 

ALL THAT METAL: Can you tell us a bit about the band's history?
SIMON BERGLUND: I jammed at my high school back in 2002 with a couple dudes and never stopped. We´ve had many constellations since then but it´s the same project basically. We release the debut album in 2007 and the lastest one almost a year ago.

ATM: Talking about the new album, how did the songs came out? Do you have a usual way to write songs or it's different in each album?
BERGLUND: Has always been a bit different but I always write everything. We sit down and arrange them together. I usually just sit at home with the guitar end record all good ideas.

ATM: Well, you guys just released the new album Arrival Of The Red Sun. What's the news on this album?
BERGLUND: The reception has been real good, good reviews and fan feedback. It took so long to make so the songs feel kinda old already, at least to me. We did our first headlining tour for it in april and will go out on part 2 in a few months.

ATM: Nice! Well, talking about the influences of you guys... what used to be an influence when the band started and what are the influences nowadays? 
BERGLUND: We were more into Power Metal back in the begining, so Rhapsody of fire was a big one then. Now its more of a Black/Death metal hybrid, maybe with a soundtrack kinda thing on top Scandinavian metal in general.
ATM: What is the meaning of the name Zonaria and how it came up? 
BERGLUND: It's a path on a mountain that leads to the throne of Zeus, we just wanted something that started with a Z. We changed back in 2003 or so.
ATM: Well, Zonaria left Century Media and began working with Listenable Records. What were the reasons and what this has changed in the band?
BERGLUND: The decision was made on their part not to release the next album, so we got in touch with listenable. We got good cooperation and it has been all good.

ATM: What the lyrics talk about and where do you find inspiration? 
BERGLUND: Find a lot in politics today, talkshows, etc. They´re a lot about oppression and war scenarios, rebellion and stuffs.
ATM: Do you believe that the climate of Scandinavia has influenced your music so? 
BERGLUND: Maybe, it is almost constant darkness from october to march, so it adds anxiety to the sound for sure.
ATM: For people who don´t know Zonaria, which album do you recommend for them to start to know the band?
BERGLUND: The last one. the 2 first ones sound like demos to me.

ATM: Well, going to the end of the interview, do you know some brazilian bands or something of our country?
BERGLUND: I don't listen to much music at all in fact. I´ve heard a few Death Metal bands from Brazil that really had something going.

ATM: Well, you could tell us a funny story of tour? 
BERGLUND: Well touring with Pain was a good one. Alot of booze and less clothes on. Touring is mostly stressful so when you get a chance to drink and wind down, weird stuff will happen.

ATM: Well, thank you Simon for the interview! If you want you can leave a message to your fans here! 
BERGLUND: We really would love to come and play for you guys. Keep rocking and keep an eye out on our page for news on touring and the soon-to-be album 4.

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